An Ambience and Service that tickles your Taste Buds

The Chefs Taste Buds located at Al Nahda which is in the eastern part of Dubai . Ours is a Indian speciality restaurant experience from where our guests will take back flavours and tastes of the glorious food of the vastly diverse richly blessed Indian Cuisine. This is the perfect place for an eat out or to spend some quality time with the family, friends and colleagues.

Our unsurpassed elegance and the inviting decor will add delight to your Dining Voyage. The cuisine is a contemporary interpretation of classic North Indian cooking. Our purely authentic scrumptious Meals created by our experienced chefs will be  served to your table by our vibrant staff who will look after your dining needs throughout to get the best dining experience.  Each one of the dishes is reflective of a commitment to preserving authenticity, identity and to ensuring a stirringly sumptuous culinary adventure. Our Head chef chooses only the best and freshest ingredients to ensure you a perfect meal. Our spices come directly from India to make sure you enjoy the authentic curry that you are looking for. We provide meals that will suit your taste buds the best. Whether you like your food mild, medium or Spicy, you will be sure to enjoy all our curries as we cook it to your taste and requirements.

The interiors are both elegantly simple as well as exquisitely ornate. The rich-orange brick walls which will increase appetite, strategic soft warm lighting to give you the best ambience and flickering shadows from low intensity lights.
Allow us to be your host, for an unforgettable dining journey for a mouth watering family dinner at Chefs Taste Buds Indian Restaurant and we ensure that you have a magnificent cuisine.